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​​​Shear-Wood Inc.
Landscape Supply Manufacturing Facility

About Us

Shear-Wood, Inc. was established in 2006 as a disposal destination for trees and other inert clearing debris that is taken down for various reasons. Our owners through their experience in the construction industry saw a need to search out an alternative to burning or burying these materials which seemed like a wasteful disposal of a renewable natural resource.
Our facility is set up to receive delivery of these materials from local tree removal and landscaping companies as well as homeowners hauling these materials in their pickup trucks or trailers.
Initially the material was ground and hauled as fiber fuel to local paper mills where it was used to make electricity and a very small percentage of the material was sold as a natural landscape mulch.
In 2008 we began making several different colors of mulch after researching its popularity in landscape applications,  particularly in the Carolinas at that time.  We discovered that people with knowledge in landscaping and gardening favored mulch's ability to hold moisture, protect the root base and astetically be appealing with a variety of color choices.
From that point we researched coloring processes and found that using a granular powder system, while it is more costly than alternative methods, it would be the best option for the species of trees that we have in our area.
That decision seems to be a good one for us with one example being that we have a landscaping customer that has often requested that we deliver to Beaufort, SC as an indication of how well our mulches have performed for him over the years.
In conclusion Shear-Wood is a company that works hard to make good use of trees that come down and recognizes the value of making multiple uses of this material.
Mulch Topsoil Dirt
Mulch Garden Flower Bed Tree
Mulch Tree Flowers Grass
Mulch Topsoil Dirt Yard Grass
Mulch Products
 We offer landscape mulches in the following colors: 
- Red 
- Black
- Cocoa
- Natural Blend
- Natural Hardwood

All of our mulch products are sold in one cubic yard increments and available for you to pick up or we can deliver for a reasonable fee.
Mulch Topsoil Red Black Brown Yard Tree


​Planting Mix:

Our Mix is sold in 1 cubic foot bags. It mixes excellent with topsoil or can used by itself in some applications.


Topsoil is excellent for gardening, planting, and yard mantinance. It consists of decomposed inert debris that nutrifies the soil to create a product highly capable of tackling anything you plant in it.

​Fill Dirt:

Fill dirt is an excellent product for grading land. It is a mix of orange clay and sand that packs heavily
to ensure stability and strength for whatever project you may use it for.

Topsoil Dirt Yard Garden
Mulch Topsoil Container Service Delivery Trucks

Rolloff Container Services

We also offer roll off container services for delvering material, land clearing, tree removal and general cleanup applications. Whether you are tackling a major lot clearing or just cleaning out your garage in the spring time give us a call to help you haul it away.

We have just recently upgraded our roll off fleet to all new model trucks to ensure the most dependable and efficient services for our customers.

Construction project debris containers are also available for monthly rentals.
Mulch Chips Grinder Clearing Site Work

On-Site Clearing and Grinding

We offer a variety of services and appreciate your business regardless of which way we are able to assist you on your next project. Whether you need containers that you intend to load yourself or you need a price for us to clear a tract of land, we want your business.    
On larger tracts of land you may benefit from us mobilizing one of our horizontal grinders to help reduced the volume of material that you need to  hauled out.
Contact us today and we will be glad to discuss your options on your project.
Bobcat Clearing Grading Container Service

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We offer free estimates on all of our products and services. Do not hesitate to call and allow us to assist you on your next project.
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